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What's My Purpose?

It comes to my understanding that so many people are not realizing that they have a purpose in life. It becomes evident from the number of school shootings, drug usage, Opioid addictions, domestic violence issues, human trafficking, and the list goes on and on of the negative thoughts that people are pursuing. What is happening? Have we lost our direction and choose not to seek for a higher purpose for our lives? What lies where you told that you could only be abused or use drugs to be recognized as a person? Some have lost their worth or never knew they were worthy. While these sad facts and situation continue to surround us; I know for sure that God created everyone with and for a purpose. Simply knowing who you are in God and trusting in his plan for your life is the first place to start. I have talked to and counseled several people from those on drugs to those being abused who feel there is no way out. It's so sad to hear this and it breaks my heart. If you could just recognize your worth and realize that you were created through the reproduction, fertility, pregnancy and birthing process alone is one of the biggest defeats to start. Just to make it to the land of the living confirms that God has a purpose for you. Perhaps you grew up in an environment that filtered negative behaviors and didn't show you love; you can still find your worth and purpose. It takes knowing that God makes no mistakes and even through your trails and rough up bringing that God can still do amazing things through your testimony.

I met a young lady who was raised in an abusive home, her dad abused and molested her and eventually killed her sister from beating her to death. Yet this young lady never let the abuse control her and she now rises up against abuse. She helps others to understand that despite how bad she felt as a child; God has given her a gift to help others find their worth and find a career or job to help them. So no more excuses, dust it off, shake it off, patch it up and start looking up. Your purpose is closer than you think. Listen for that still small voice that keeps telling you to be something that you think you can't be. He will give your the strength, the resources and the ability to live our your purpose. What's my Purpose? ....To Inspire other's to find their Purpose!

Bless you for reading,


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