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Having Faith... He protects

Wow! God's hand is mighty! This past Saturday I was in a terrible accident. I remember checking to see if I could make a left turn and it all seemed clear and then out of no where a car was coming faster than I could imagine. The impact was awful and such a hard hit. I was sited to for not yielding for a left turn with on coming traffic but Thank God that the other driver and myself were o.k. with only a few bruises. I say that to tell you how awesome God is. It's funny I was just telling a friend the other day that perhaps my testimony was not strong enough and didn't have enough to talk about to share with others. Well, God fixed that and reminded me..This is my second near fatal accident that could have taken me out. BUT GOD! Back in 2003 I was hit on I95 in Virginia by an 18 wheeler truck. I was left with sciatic pain and back pain for months, yet he spared my life. I say all this to tell you how our amazing God protect and restores us. I know for sure that I could have been hurt, broken bones, bleeding out..anything, But God sees something in me that I don't and sent his angels of protection around me. Somewhere while the hit was impacted I felt a peace that only God could send that he was there and wouldn't let the enemy take me out. I am Thankful today and even more Grateful for life and the work that God has destined for me to do. So hold on to your hats! God has work for me to do and I now know that God's has my back, I am protected and he loves me doing his work. The enemy may hate me but as long as God loves me I am ok with that. Stay in His Word and let Him Protect and Guide your every move! For His Glory!!

Thank you Jesus!

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