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Having Faith......Believing for healing!

So I am reposting this picture because a few weeks ago my daughter was diligently praying over my foot. Well, Sunday was divine healing for me. We had a healing service that reminded us that God is Jehovah Rapha..the Lord who heals you! I always believed that but never truly experienced it in my own body. I went up to pray with others for their healing and was anointed with oil. At one point the oil seemed to spill into my hands and my hands were saturated with oil. I rubbed the oil all over my hands and on my skirt and blouse and continued to pray with other. I didn't really think of any of the pain I was in, but God sent a few people to me with similar health issues. I prayed over them and the healing came back to me. I didn't really think about it until I got home and was going up and down the stair, without pain and without limping. I moved my Pain. I moved my hip...No Pain... God is SOOO Good!. Almost a year ago, I had foot surgery and have been in pain every day and unable to walk in the park or do a full class of Zumba. But today I walked in the park with my dog and I am praising God for his healing power. He still Heals today just as He did before. I pray that you find healing in any area of your life that needs God's touch. It is HIS will for you to be well and whole! Praise God and bless you for reading!

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