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Having Faith... MVP for God in 2018

Over past few weeks I have questioned my purpose and my vision for life. I am just being real, that the enemy has really made me question if I should write or speak to others. The fickleness of social media and response to my writing and posting has told me no one is interested and no one cares about dreams and visions. So each day I wake up and refresh my soul for His name sake and relearn my purpose. Listen!... once God places a vision inside of you it's the TRUTH. No devil in hell, no social media remarks ,or lack of likes can change your assigned purpose. God has given you the ball and wants to you run for the touchdown. The enemy is always gonna try to block you , tackle you down, throw you down and hit your where it hurts. Just like a football player puts on his uniform , we are to put on the full armor of God. As you continue to go for the touchdown that God has for you, know that the defense (enemy) will tackle you with rejection, hurt, doubt, shame, physical pain and so much more. I know it since over the last few months without work , financial struggles, car accident and physical pain that the very touchdown for God is close at hand . I am in the game and on the field of God's team and he has a plan for me. He is coaching from the sidelines and knows the enemies next move. Listen to Him cheering you on. Move when and where HE tells you to move. He will help you rediscover your purpose and make your path straight again. Too many of us are sitting on the side watching the game but God wants us all as MVP's for his glory . Don't let the negatives of the enemy sideline you. Put on the full armor and score the goal for His name sake.

So in this New Year continue to seek God's word and You will dance when you overcome the enemy and get ready for the next play ...God has so much more in store for you! Enjoy the this Christmas and Celebrate the King...Have a blessed and prosperous New Year.... and dont forget to score for God's Team. Bless you for reading Sharon Tooson

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