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Mountains DO Move! Be refreshed!

What a fabulous weekend! I had the awesome opportunity to take our Small Group Family on a retreat. The message for the weekend was simply to just Restore. God wants to "restore our souls for his namesake." (Psalms 23:4) Let's face it when we are worn out, tired and weary from the week or our day to day activities; it's hard to hear God and we get lost in our own world. But this weekend I asked our Group to take the time to Restore and be refreshed while we observed the cascading mountains of Tennessee. One little girl was in awe and told her daddy "the Mountains keep moving daddy" as they were driving along. He asked her if she was scared. She refreshingly replied. " I am not scared..why should I be scared". The wisdom of children amazes me every day. If we could stop for a moment and just have that child-like faith that the Mountains in our lives will move and we don't have to be scared. Yes! The Mountains may seem never-ending in our lives but they do move and God is always there in the midst of our valley and mountaintops. My soul is refreshed and inspired to know that the mountains DO Move!

Bless you for Reading,

Sharon Tooson

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