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Having Faith...Why I love God?

Hello Beautiful people,

Well, we made it through the storms and rain that came in the Metro Atlanta area. Praise God! Right before the storm, my daughter Faith says to me (randomly) "Mommy, you know why I love God?". I said, "why do you love God?" She said, "Because he holds me while I sleep and makes sure that I am not afraid of the dark". Ok so I was a little speechless; like is this child gonna be a motivational speaker one day too?. "That is awesome baby, I know he holds me when I am afraid to". I love how she just brings out the best lessons for life. I watched the news through the Hurricane Harvey and Irma storms and realized that so many people were afraid of what could happen. It's so comforting to know that God is always holding us when we are afraid and have nothing to fear. The words of my six-year-old let me know that God can touch each of us and comfort us through our storms. How often do we take for granted that God is there in the midst of our storms? He is always there and will hold you and guide you if you just seek his face and his voice. What a blessing to know he holds us even when we sleep.

Bless you for reading,

Author Sharon Tooson

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