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Having Faith...Bind up Hate

My little Faith is at it again. A few weeks ago she received her Dr. Seuss book package in the mail . One of the books "Horton hatches the Egg" was very disturbing to her. One of the passage talked about how Horton hated something. Well the next thing I knew the child taped up the book (cant open it). When I asked why she did this she told me "There are bad words in that book. No one should read about hate". Well Ok then! How could I argue? My initial thought was that people will often say they hate something; however we should be careful with words like hate. The fact that my child at the age of 6 knows that this is a word that is not good for people to hear and read lets me know that her heart is so pure. I take heed to her words, thoughts and feeling. We should all try to have a pure heart where we want to abolish the words like hate, unloved, unworthy, ugly, mean, disliked and so forth. I am encourage and renewed in my thinking to bind up hate and not allow anyone to see, read or hear such words. The simple thoughts of this child bring me back to God's word of having a childlike spirit to walk with the Lord.

Simple thoughts.. Bind up hate!

Bless you for reading!

Sharon Tooson

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