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Check out these inspiring books for your deep walk with God. The teachings in these book are life changing and inspiring. BLESS YOU FOR READING!!

Shaquia Jimson
Coming Soon:
July 1, 2020
The Life God Gives You


Do you know your family history and the struggles they endured?  Have you ever taken a moment to realize the sacrifice from your mom or dad to give you a better life? These are just few questions that come to mind when you think of how your family has survived hard times.

Take a Journey with Shaquia Jamison as she reminisces the journey of  Grace Ann Jamison. Shaquia shares her family lifeline as they struggle through financial hardships, social acceptance, mental and physical abuse. This riveting novel shows how Shaquia’s family made it through some of the most difficult circumstances so that she could live a better life today. 

Sharon Tooson
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Unfulfilled Desires: Lessons To Finding Your Father's Love



This book speaks to the heart of Fatherlessness. Fatherlessness impacts most of us in one-way shape or form. Growing up without a dad, lack of attention from a father or abuse can leave a fatherless void in your life. Walk with Author Sharon Tooson as she expresses and helps you to overcome the pain of being fatherless to discover the true love of a Father with Jesus Christ. Tooson shares her the parts of her life where she was seeking a father in all the wrong place and how she found redeeming love in God.  This book will inspire you to have a deep walk with the father despite your past hurt and pains from an earthly father. 

"Fatherlessness is not so much a physical state as it is a state of mind... Fatherlessness is any negative image of a father that has rendered you fatherless.'


Tooson Town Publishing is excited to help spread the Gospel with helping you write your next level for his kingdom. Author Sharon Tooson is an inspirational speaker who would love to come to your next event and share more about publishing a book or uplifting your audience about her works. 

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$10.00 USD
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Having Faith In Your Dreams: God is Speaking While You Are Sleeping

ISBN-ISBN-13: 978-1523959006
ISBN-10: 1523959002          


Calling all dreamers. Once again, you’ve awakened from “That” dream. You know… the one that randomly creeps into your precious sleeping hours, with the audacity to play out over and over again. Sure, a few elements, people, or part of the sequences may change up a bit, but yep, it’s still the same (darn/dam) reoccurring dream!  Sound familiar? Most people will admit that they share this, and many other common dream experiences, which certainly beg for the answers as to why these dreams continue to happen, and what they really mean. Perhaps it may be because YOU have not yet picked up on the message that God is trying to relay to you during your dream state. Author, Sharon Tooson shares her gift of dream interpretations and provides a refreshing outlook by combining examples of personal dream analysis in this fascinating, and insightful book, “Having Faith in Your Dreams”. Her goal is to encourage you to dig for a deeper meaning, in order to learn and understand how God speaks to us in our dreams. Tooson’s book is a valuable tool for discovery and self-reflection and will guide you towards an enlightened perception when you learn to seek God’s help. So dream on dreamers, and pay attention for a heightened awareness of the message God is delivering to you!




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