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Shaquia Jimson

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Welcome to the newest addtion to ToosonTown Publishing Family. - Shaquia Jimson. Shaquia is passionate about writing and loves what God is doing in her life. She is ready to share her life and write about the awesome things that God has and continues to do in her life. 

Shaquia is a native of Kingston, North Carolina where she currently still resides with her family. She has 3 beautiful children: her daughter, Anjelica Jimson, two wonder sons, Courtland Jimson and Justin Jimson. She has one beautiful granddaughter, Kourtney Sariyah Jimson (miracle baby). She loves her family dearly and is so thankful for all God has given her.

Shaquia’s purpose for writing this book is to bring awareness to the cause of sex trafficking and domestic violence awareness to the sight of those that maybe going through the same or similar situations. Shaquia says “I’m living proof that God plan’s always out weights the devil’s plot”.

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