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Having Faith.. 3 Little Seeds!

It's amazing how much Faith I get from my daughter Faith and she doesn't even know it. The other night we were at home sitting on the couch. She was eating an apple and when she finished she began to take the apple seeds from the core of the apple. I thought this was odd and asked what she was doing. She told me " I am gonna plant these 3 seeds in the ground so we can have an apple tree in the back yard". Ok, what a sweet idea..thinking she would try this the next day. Well, about 3 minutes later she goes to the back door to go outside. I am like "It's 8pm..where are you going"? She said, "To plant my seeds". Well, of course, I told her not now young lady.

As God would have me ponder over her acts, I felt like God was telling me about how if you believe with just a little you can have more fruit. I believe God wants us to be like my daughter Faith and have just a few seeds to plant and watch it grow. It doesn't matter what time of day it is, what season is going on; or if you only have a few seeds; God will always allow you to plant a seed to grow good fruit. So keep your Faith strong and plant your seeds. God wants to harvest good fruit with you. I love how the simple acts of a child can help grow your faith. He is always speaking to us in so many ways...we just have to listen!

Bless you for reading,

Sharon Tooson

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