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Having Faith....Book Launch love

It was such a delight to launch my book "Having Faith in your Dreams". More than the act of having a Launch party and selling some book but having the love of family, friends and even new friends who are excited to share this captivating word. Being able to put the words that God gave me into a book is the best feeling and I knowing that I have made God proud. The sermon messages I heard this weekend told me that I was good with God and he was pleased with me. While another message told me that God always has my back. As an author even after the book is printed you still wonder did I write the best way? will the readers like the book? Doubt can creep in. But I stand firm on the words that God gave me and believe that he will do a mighty work with this book. There were so many that I didn't get a chance to Thank while there...the names are endless, Kim Morris, Patrice Little, Shakeira Lewis, Susan Orgbon, Naifa White, Monique Inge, Trace Francis, Bonnie Snell, Dallas Wilson, Cynthia Mckenzie, Natasha Mckenzie and John Thacker. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart. I love you all and thank you for making my day a success.

Please don't forget get your book if you haven't already! You will be blessed.

Dream ON and bless you for Reading!!

Sharon Tooson

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