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Have I done this before?

Have I done this before?

Do you ever get that strange feeling that an event or situation, or conversation has already happened? Some people call it Deja Vue. It's defined in Wikipedia as a "feeling of familiarity, and déjà vécu (the feeling of having "already lived through" something) is a feeling of recollection".

I get this feeling at least once a month. Could it be that you dreamt it before or imagined it in your own mind? In moments like these, I feel like God prepares us for a time or event such as this. I believe he stirs in our souls for that moment so that we can better handle the outcome and be ready for whatever might happen. Some of these situations are pleasant, unpleasant or just life happening. I don't think it's by chance that God wants to speak to you in those moments. These Deja Vue moments are delicate moments that will affect you or someone else involved and God wants to call them to our attention. Perhaps the way you react or what you say can alter someone's feeling forever. So take a moment and hear what God is bringing to your attention...maybe he just wants you to proceed with caution and seek his wisdom for that event. "In all things seek him first and he will direct your paths"

Bless you for Reading,

Author Sharon L .Tooson

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