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Having Faith In Your Dreams: God is Speaking While You Are Sleeping


Having Faith In Your Dreams is the second and latest book by Sharon Tooson. This book explores the deeper meaning of dreams and messages God is sending us through them. Author Sharon Tooson shares her gift of dream interpretation and provides a refreshing outlook by combining examples of personal dream analysis in this fascinating and insightful book. 


Through her latest book, Sharon encourages readers to dig for a deeper meaning in their dreams.  This book is a valuable tool for not only self-discovery and self-reflection, but will also serve as a guide towards enlightened perception when you are learning to seek God's help.

Sharon Tooson on The Daily Author

Thank you to Wooden Pants Network for this awesome interview and opportunity to discuss my new book. Click start on the player below to listen to the interview!

Having Faith In Your Dreams Book Launch

On October 21, the Having Faith book launch took place in Dacula, Georgia. Thank you to all of my family and friends who came out and showed their support. 


A must read, Unfulfilled Desires is a learning lesson on how to get in touch with your mental and physical self. Bridging issues with your earthly and heavenly father.

- Pamela 

I can't seem to find the words to express all of the emotions this book brought out of me. This book is a true blessing to anyone whom picks it up.

- Tameka 

I love the way the author revealed her "nakedness" to help others to develop their intimate relationship with God, first and foremost. It is a thought provoking book and definitely one I couldn't put down.

- New Mom in LI

A great read that I could not put down. I read it cover to cover. 

- Trisha 

She shows us through her own personal story how to surrender and allow God to heal the pain left by fatherlessness. I love the way each lesson was referenced with a scripture!

- Marcella 

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